The company

On 1 October 1985, SUPEC (mechanically welded parts, design and execution), a precision machining and design company, was founded.

Very quickly SUPEC managed to win over the trust of prime customers through the quality of its work and the skills of its staff in their relations with customers in:
• The aerospace,
• Machine tools and various other sectors.

At that time, the firm's executives knew that certain lines of business were necessary for them in order to enable smooth corporate development (latest-generation machines, responsive sub-contractors) for those operations that they could not carry out, such as mechanical welding, painting or sheet metal work.

In 1997, after the departure of the last two founders, STIM purchased SUPEC. Complementary services were finally achieved and, since then, SUPEC's lines of business have developed continually, focusing on a very demanding, top-level clientele in sectors such as:
• The nuclear
• Aerospace
• Automotive sectors, and the steel industry, along with any other business sector.

In December 2008, SUPEC was integrated into the GTMI Group.
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